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Oh great. Where the hell am I now? This is such shit. I'm getting tired of this. So, you still here? [A barking sound comes from somewhere nearby.] That'd be a yes then. Where are you? Make some more noise. [The barking starts again and he follows it to a small, tan, wolf pup.] There you are. The hell have I told you about wandering of, you little brat??

Mar. 5th, 2010

Somehow, some part of her had expected it to be easy, once that other Doctor had done whatever he'd done. Once he'd brought the TARDIS back from the brink of death, handed her the reigns and set her off to 'do the universe a favor', she'd actually thought the hard part would be finding a way to her Doctor.

She supposed she'd overestimated the bonding time she'd had with the TARDIS in the years since the Doctor'd gone. Or maybe she'd only underestimated all the calculations he had to make, and the TARDIS couldn't compensate any more than she already was. Whatever the reason, she'd have to learn to fly in a reasonably straight line before she could even attempt to help anyone.

And now the TARDIS wouldn't re-engage. Brilliant.

Rose sighed, as she peered out through the TARDIS doors. "The least he could've done was give me...a GPS or somethin'."
[Eleanora McCoy looked around to take in her surrounding. Definitely still earth...looks sort of like Atlanta. Maybe the suburbs? Had she had another episode and had wandered off?]

Maybe I've finally lost it. I'll need to send Leonard a comm and have him put me in a home or something...

[Walking up to the door, she tried the knob and walked into the foyer.]

Hello? Anyone home?
.......All right, where have I gone and landed myself this time? I swear, some people have all the luck...

Is this some manner of home?

At least tell me there is no Merlin or Arthur here?

Incoming Touch Detective!

[Mackenzie wanders around the garden doing some very serious inspection around the town. This isn't the town, isn't it? Don't think she've seen a garden this big in town.. She then stumbles upon a huge mansion, and giving her a quizzical look after that.]

...a mansion?

[Sokka opened his eyes and proceeded to yawn, stretching his arms out above his head and then pausing with his mouth wide up. Where was he? What was this place, why was there some weird looking stone building? He struggled to get out of his sleeping bag, getting about halfway out before being wrapped up at the legs and thrown back down.]

Stupid! Off, get off! First I wake up in some unknown place and now my sleeping bag is tring to eat me!

[He untangled himself and took a chance to catch his breath and look around. He'd never seen this sort of architecture before, especially the small, red, perfectly square stones used to build the walls. He'd never heard of anything like this, not even from his dad. So where had he gone? Sokka thought back to where he had been before he woke up here, he'd been traveling around with Aang, nothing eventful, dinner of berries and nuts, still nothing special, then bed. Nothing. It didn't look like any of the others were there either, so he was alone! No Aang, Katara, Toph, Appa NO ONE!]

Now I have to walk everywhere.
Pansy sat cross-legged in the garden, staring at the empty windows of the mansion. Where was everybody? Was she the only one left? She shivered at the thought, and stood up, brushing off her robes.
[How bizarre.  This building... this was nothing like anything in Nippon, or Takamagahara.  The white wolf stalked through the garden, circling the building curiously.  Though contemplating entering the building, she restrains herself, unsure, standing at the edge of the garden, her true appearance disguising the pure light of faith pouring from her body to all but the faithful.

She barks, curious to see if she'll get any attention.  Maybe she'll get fed?  Her tail wagged a bit at the thought.]

Factored..completely factored..

What in the factorial happened in that week. Now all the binomials in the axis is back to it's original state.

Stupid hectopascal of a mansion.

[Tick, tock, tick, tock.


Then with another thunderous ring, in the blink of an eye, the mansion was back to it’s lavished state. It was almost as if nothing had happened before.


What was that all about, you may ask.


Well, don’t look at me.


Only the mansion knows. ]

[ooc: Well, if you would still like to continue down in the post, I suppose I'll keep it open for another week or so. But, all things are back to normal now~]