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[In the blink of an eye, in a rumble of the ground, in the first chime from an old grandfather clock that could be hear wherever you were the mansion had changed. You’d be woken by perhaps the ground, the clock. But when you do, the place you were in would no longer no how you last saw it.

Whether you had fallen asleep or not, as the clock struck 12, signaling it is now Monday, October 27th, it had all changed.

The rooms, they have all grown ancient, the once clean walls layered with what had to be hundreds and hundreds of years from dust, vines all across the walls, cracks visible in them. Cobwebs were in the corners of everything, dust layered on items littered around.

Don’t be surprised to wake up covered in dust.

As you step out of your room, the hallways, the hall, the kitchen, everywhere was ancient. Definitely not how it looked like before. Everything seemed too fragile. Signs of bugs crawled the place. And creaking sounds as you walked, or even as you stood. It proved you aren’t alone in the mansion.

Of course you aren’t.

If you were the try to open the windows , they’d be sealed shut. Oh, you want to break it? The windows are too small for you to get through anyways. 

The main door, the only door to leave the mansion is shut. Chains, the only thing that isn’t old looking, not rusty was all over it, large, exaggerated locks of a variety of dark colors over it, all seeming to need keys.

Perhaps there are keys that you can find to leave?

The Earth, the Mansion rumbled again.

You aren’t alone in the mansion. At the very least.

Because, the Mansion is alive.]

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Oct. 20th, 2008

I'm looking for this boy. Have you see him?

[it's a photo of John Connor]


[A handsome men with silver hair shows up with a little smile in his lips. He looks like he's kinda lost about this "mansion", but he manages to hide it very well]

Well, I'm sure this isn't the place I where before [lighty chuckles] Are you here, Raki? Priscilia? [No answers] My, this is very interesting~ I wonder if there's anyone here as well. [Starts walking again]

[Isley, Abyssal of the North for Claymore <3, Bother him?]


She says nothing. Not yet, that is, because she decided to look around to see where she was.

It wasn't familiar.

"Master Lu Bu, where have you gone?" she says to herself, because she doesn't know if this is friendly or enemy territory. She could be killed on sight.

And she was with him just a moment ago.

"What is this place, I wonder," Were there people she knew? People she would, at least, recognize?

She didn't know that herself.


[He tugs. And tugs.]




[As soon as he takes his hand off, you can see a shiny red nose, stuck on Sho's nose. Courtesy of Rhyme]

[give him a hand? He might bite it off though~]

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Excited robot was excited.

Never before had she known so much life! So many humans running around, and the plantlife! It was more than she could comprehend! She eagerly zipped about the garden, a blue laser running over everything. So much green! So much to scan, so little time!

Her robotic voice giggled as she worked.


Be Our Guest: Enchanted Kitchen FTW

[ooc: Time for some silly fun. All the utensils/appliances in this kitchen dance and sing, but they're incapable of making food by themselves. All welcome; enjoy!]

Twenty-eight doors later, Xing Byron found what he'd been looking for.

"So this is the kitchen," he murmured to himself, stepping past the threshold into the unoccupied room. This kitchen was larger than most, like most rooms in the mansion seemed to be; one could fit three king-sized beds in here and still have room to cartwheel.

With a small, satisfied nod, Xing strode over to the nearest fridge. Intending to pour himself a nice, cool drink, he extended a gloved hand and took hold of the fridge's door handle.

A thick-lipped female mouth materialized on the refrigerator door. "Help me, oh help me," it sang in operatic tone, "I'm being sexually harassed!"

Xing sprung back, white-faced and buggy-eyed. "I didn't do anything!" He motioned wildly, almost flailing, before calming down. "A-and... you're a fridge!"

That didn't stop it - her? - from singing.


It was an odd thing to step out of one's tent expecting to see an army encampment, only to be greeted with extremely tall hedges on nearly all sides. So odd, in fact, that Kanetsugu blinked to clear his eyes, as if he half-expected to be within a dream. As it so happened, it made no difference, and the samurai's brow furrowed ever-so-slightly as he drew charms from his coat, suspecting some kind of sorcery at work; it was not necessarily beyond the power of Ieyasu's best shinobi to craft such an elaborate illusion, however unlikely it seemed. It was better to be safe than sorry.

When his own spiritual power made no difference, the corners of his lips tugged down, and his grip tightened on the handle of his sword. "There are few options left," he told himself, as he considered what to do next. What was clear was that there was only one path ahead -- with nowhere else to go, he had little choice but to follow the trail, prepared for any possible ambush on the way. "Yet with the blessings of Bishamonten, justice will prevail."

And so he walked on, until he came to the first crossroad and the nature of his surroundings dawned on him.

"A maze...?"

((OOC; Hedge maze, go! No mansion garden is complete without one to start out lost in. ♥ Feel free to jump in~))



The young man has unruly, black hair, a natural slouch that makes him stand two heads lower than his natural height, and bulging eyes underlined by dark half circles. He is wearing a plain, dark shirt, and loose jeans, looking down you realize he isn't wearing shoes and he needs to trim his toenails. His gaze is stoic but not necessarily hostile. He bows respectfully and his long spidery fingers reach into his pocket. He rears his head back up and hands you a business card.

"I am Beyond Birthday, once known as 'B'. I have much experience in law enforcement and crime. As long as you don't get in my way, I think we can get along."

The card is black with white lettering that reads simply; "Beyond Birthday. Un-private detective and Rogue."

The Paladin of FF4 Arrives!

 Strange days, thought Cecil Harvey as he looked about the room he'd suddenly found himself in. Hadn't he only just been in Troia getting preparations in order to yet again board the airship and to take off to find the entrance to the underworld? How is it that falling asleep had brought him here? Had he been kidnapped?

Cecil could scarecely believe it. So very soon after reuniting with almost everyone he cared for dearly... he lost them again.

Someone would answer for it. Someone had to.