Rose Tyler (lone_defender) wrote in dressmansion,
Rose Tyler

Somehow, some part of her had expected it to be easy, once that other Doctor had done whatever he'd done. Once he'd brought the TARDIS back from the brink of death, handed her the reigns and set her off to 'do the universe a favor', she'd actually thought the hard part would be finding a way to her Doctor.

She supposed she'd overestimated the bonding time she'd had with the TARDIS in the years since the Doctor'd gone. Or maybe she'd only underestimated all the calculations he had to make, and the TARDIS couldn't compensate any more than she already was. Whatever the reason, she'd have to learn to fly in a reasonably straight line before she could even attempt to help anyone.

And now the TARDIS wouldn't re-engage. Brilliant.

Rose sighed, as she peered out through the TARDIS doors. "The least he could've done was give me...a GPS or somethin'."
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