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[Sokka opened his eyes and proceeded to yawn, stretching his arms out above his head and then pausing with his mouth wide up. Where was he? What was this place, why was there some weird looking stone building? He struggled to get out of his sleeping bag, getting about halfway out before being wrapped up at the legs and thrown back down.]

Stupid! Off, get off! First I wake up in some unknown place and now my sleeping bag is tring to eat me!

[He untangled himself and took a chance to catch his breath and look around. He'd never seen this sort of architecture before, especially the small, red, perfectly square stones used to build the walls. He'd never heard of anything like this, not even from his dad. So where had he gone? Sokka thought back to where he had been before he woke up here, he'd been traveling around with Aang, nothing eventful, dinner of berries and nuts, still nothing special, then bed. Nothing. It didn't look like any of the others were there either, so he was alone! No Aang, Katara, Toph, Appa NO ONE!]

Now I have to walk everywhere.
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